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It was a nice evening in the Spring of 2011. I’ve just met this girl, Jenny, A fucking sexy hot latina cougar with big soft tits ,a few weeks prior. I was about 25 at the time and Jenny was a 43 year-old single mother of one. For some reason, our date lead us to a drive-in theatre. I don’t recall the movie, but it starred Angelina Jolie. Most of the movie, Jenny and I were making out anyway. This was pretty much our first makeout session. Now, Jenny was not the drop-dead WHITE LATINA COUGAR Blonde Bombshell, PAUILINA RUBIO MILF, or Jennifer Lopez swimsuit model.  Sexy naked latina, mature and sexy and loves sex. She had the average body of mother, but a darling face and a rack to definitely explore. And I was definitely exploring her rack at the drive-in as I caressed her tits, pinched and licked her nipples, and nibbled whatever I can get a hold of. At the same time, her hands found her way to my cock and she was stroking me nice and hard. She even grabbed lower and squeezed my balls saying, “I can’t forget about them!” I continued to have my face explore her tits, as she vigorously stroked my cock. It was a turn on to hear her “oooooh!” and “mmmmmm” as I nibbled her nipple or squeezed her melons…she lit a blunt of some OG L.A. Marijuana
Surprisingly, the movie finished. We laughed as we didn’t watch any of it. “Let’s go back to my place,” Jenny suggested. Without any hesitation and her hand still working my cock, we exited the drive-in to Jenny’s apartment.
Our intense makeout session lead to her bedroom. Her roommate left for the night and grandma was watching her kid. The place was ours. I was hard for her and eager to advance past the makeout stage. I took of my clothes and removed my boxers and displayed my hard cock to her. She looked at it. “Ooooooooooh,” she said. “How youuuu doin?” I leaned in to kiss Jenny, which she accepted nicely. Then I went for her blouse…”Stop”, she said. “I don’t want to fuck right now, playing with cougar tits and thinking about latina cougar sex!!!!!!!. It doesn’t feel right yet. Sorry.” I admit, the boner lost its cause for the moment…”But, I’ll give you a blow-job. Please. I’m really good at it.”
So, I laid back on the bed and accepted her offer. Jenny got on her knees and leaned over my cock. “Mmmmmm, yummy.” I recalled her say before she took me in. She started slowly putting my cock in her warm, small mouth. She did “the works” on my cock: She would start sucking on my tip and licking it. Then take her whole mouth down on me. Then slowly move back up…then slowly move down. She bobbed my dick nice and slow…then nice and fast. She was doing all of this while giving me eye-contact with her sexed-up eyes. It was HOT. I loved her moans as she put as much as my cock in her mouth.
This blowjob lasted about thirty minutes. I was very impressed with Jenny. She would slow it down if I felt I was about to come. She didn’t want me to come because she was having “sooooo much fun.” But I couldn’t hold it anymore. I needed to release and unleash the geyser. I told her I was going to come any second as she lay there naked with huge soft pretty nipples.
And the way she responded in a sweet, lustful, and memorable voice, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” I will never forget how she said those magical words.
And so I did. I came into her mouth. And I came hard and a lot. I kind of felt bad because I knew it was going to be one hell of a load, but she took it all in. She didn’t choke at all. She swallowed my massive load with ease, a smile, and again with those unforgettable and sexy eyes.
This blowjob by Jenny has to be one of the BEST blowjobs I have ever had. Jenny and I never saw each other after that. We traded phone calls, but that’s as far as it went…Occasionally, I think about this amazing blowjob and figure there’s probably one lucky asshole out there with his cock in Jenny’s mouth…

Once I Met a latina cougar online and we went on vacation and fucked some more:

I was lounging at the pool in the early afternoon on the last day of my vacation. The hotel pool was busy and i was getting an eyeful and hoping for one last shot at a fine piece before i had to go home. A few days before i had balled a Tennessee gilr senseless but she was kind of a lousy lay so i wass looking for a more mature woman when i saw this elegant looking Mexcan woman walking slowly on the other side of the pool to lay out on a lounge chair. As she put down her things on a little table next to it she took off this wrap she had around her waist and kicked off these hig heels. She had looked so sexy walking in slowly that i was just staring at her. She had on this bright like lime green bikini and she had real nice natural tits. They were good size and real you could tell by the way the bounced as she walked and they were not super firm but looked like nice ripe mellons. She had big sunglasses on and she layed out and oiled herself a bit before laying down on her back. A waiter came by and i askd him to go over and over her a drink from me. When he did and i saw her sit up to talk to him i stood up so she could get a good view of me in my little swim trunks. She took off her sunglasses and looked in the direction he was pointing and saw me and smiled and told him what she wanted and layed back down. He brought the drink to her and set it on the little table next to her and after he left she sat up and took the drink in hand and took a sip. She had a little roll on her belly and a little bit bigger butt but real nice and she looked my way and smiled again and layed back down. I was horny and frutrated that she didn’t invite me over and i jumped into the pool and was swimming in it for a couple minutes and noticed the woman in the lounge chair next to her had left so i got out of the pool and walked over standing between her and the open lounge chair and asked ..may i..she looked at me without saying a word so i just layed down on it. A few minutes passed and i gazed over at her and enjoyed the sight of her oiled legs and chest and the slope of her mellon tits crdled in her lime green bikini and i was getting a woody. Then all of a sudden she came up on her elbow turning toward me and her tits looked so good as she sat sideways. Her lips were full and wet looking from a lip gloss and she could speak english but wth an accent and as i tuned to face her on my side she said…your a very persistant young man…i saw this huge rock on her finger and knew she was married and i tried to be as smooth as possible could i not be seeing such a stunning woman like yourself and she smiled. Then she put out her hand and told me her name which i don’t was something like Rosalie and i took it gently and said Derek and leaned over and kissed her hand gently. LOL..that was all it took..she said Derek my husband is doing business and will be back for dinner do you have plans. I said with all my charm..i do now and she smiled and sat up and picked up her things and told me her room number and asked me to give her 20 minutes. As she picked up her things and carried he wrap with her and slowly walked away i wanted to cream in my trunks at the sight of he ass swaying her in her little bright green bikini bottom. I remember grabbing my towel and putting it over my middle to hide the hard on i had
I waited impatiently lookig at my watch constantly and letting my hard on go down and just before i left i jumped in the pool and got back out and dried off and went to her room. I knocked on the door and she opened it standing behind it and let me in and when i turned to see her as she closed it she was naked except for a pair of red panties and red high heels and as she approached me walking in a sultry way to me and asking me if this is what i wanted to see…all i could think watching her full tits bounce lightly what a nice fucking latina horny webcam girl..WHEWWWWW..she came right up against me and i felt her warm tits against my chest as she stood on her tiptoes and gave me this big soft wet lucious full kiss and her lips enveloped mine as my dick sprang to life. Then she stepped back looking down at me and the head of my hard thick cock had actually come up over my small trunks and she made this EWWWWW..kind of sound and said..i have something for you too and she slowly put her fingers of each hand into her panties on either side at the top ans slowly pulled them down showing me this bulging shaved lightly browned pussy and i could see the pink in between and was ready to…
She walked past me running her hand on my chest and layed down on the bed near the edge and put one leg up and wet her fingers and rubbed her pussy and had this hot lustfull look on her face and she just ran her finger over her clit lightly giving me this look…i knew what she wanted and came over and got on my knees and put out my tongue and took the place of her finger and gently worked it over her clit and through he pussy as she layed back and moaned. Her pussy tasted and smelled like roses and i licked and sucked it gently over and over until she had her first orgasm putting her hands on my head and forcing it to press hard and firm on her pussy while she came and was loud saying something like ..OHHHHHHHHHHH…HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE…AHHHHHHHHHHH
and squeezing her thighs around my head. I could taste her CUM and she was just getting warmed up. She used her hands on my shoulders to pull me up toward her and i got on top of her and she was open mouth kissing me and using her tongue and it was real HOT and her lips and mouth were so big and wet and sloppy and she was rolling her mouth over mine and my face as she kissed me and sucked on my lower lip.
We were both breathing faster and she pulled her legs up and far apart and i could see them out of the corners of my eyes spread wide still in her red high heels and i drove into her and she arched her back and made those sounds a woman does when something very big is filling them up. She was not real tight but very wet and i pounded her pussy as her legs flailed and she moaned very loud. I had only been fucking her for a minute or so and wanted to fuck her in many positions so i pulled out and she like wined at first until she realized i was just standing up and taking her by the hand to pull her up and i took her to the wall and made her put her hands on it and spread her legs and as i stood behind her i was feeling up her tits and her nipples were very big and erect and then i worked my dick in her from behind and had to bend a bit even though she had high heels on to compensate for the height difference and i was trusting up one stroke at a time and she would flinch when i was balls deep in her and yelp out and then moan when i pulled almost out and then do it again over and over real plunge into her hot pussy at a time. I was to the point of barely containing myself and i grabbed hold of her tits asnd held them real hard and was thrusting up in her fast and hard and she was doing that stuff like…UUUUHHHH…OOOHHHHHH..UHHHHHH..AAHAAAHHHAHH H..and when i felt the surge about to come i pulled out and grabbed he by the arm and spun her around and she go down on her knees and sucked me for a second and then took a big load in her mouth and swallowed it all rolling her head around on my cock and going up and down sucking and draining my balls as i did my own…AAAAAAAAHHHHYHHHHHHH…
When i had finished cumming i pulled it out of he mouth slowlyenjoying the feel of her big lips as i dragged my thick cock through them and she layed her cheek against my dick and then kissed it a few times and stood uop and kissed me deeply again. I was so hot for her i didn’t even hesitate knowing her mouth was just full of my jizz. She stood there with me kissing and she put her hand down to play with my balls and cock and was jerking me hard again.
I picked her up and tossed her on the bed and was rock hard and i bent her over and got on top of her standing the opposite way and holding her legs back and stabbed her pussy in and out a few inches and she was moaning and almost yelling as i went deeper and deeper and was fucking her upside down.
Then i started to jack hammer her pussy with one hard downward thrust at a time and we were both groaning and her one shoe popped off from the force and i pulled the other one off and went back to going balls deep in her with the thud of my balls in the air as i slammed her pussy and she made sounds that let me know she was cumming again and then i rolled her back just a bit so i could thrust up and down real fast with all my weight and after maybe a minute of that i exploaded in her pussy and was pumping up and down slowly in her watching my white CUM flow out around my dick which had her opened up wide. I got up and her legs dropped to the bed as i dropped down beside her both of us breathing hard and i said Rosalie ..your the best fuck i ever had and she ran her hand over my cheek slowly and kissed me again and i curled up behind her and we spoomed as we rested. After maybe 30 minutes she said my husband will be home soon you must go but i was getting hard again with my dick against her ass which was what i wanted the started kissing her neck and fingering her pussy and licking in her ear and she was back in moaning mode and i rolled her forward and put a pillow under and spread her butt cheeks and pushed the head of my dick in her slowly and she made this small jump forward with an OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…and i fucked her ass nice and slow for a good 10 minutes at times stopping to control myself and run my hand over her ass and then pumping again slowly until i was building up the pace and she had her head buried in the bed and was yelling..OOOOOHHHHHHH...OOHHHHHHHHH…AAAAAHHHHHHH H…and i was SO TURNED ON ..i was saying HAHAHA..YEAHHH..I LOVE YOUR ASS..UUUHHHH…I AM GONNA CUMMMMMMM and i was surprised how much sperm i had left as i unloaded in her latina cougar butt and then pulled out to see it now flowing out of her ass as she layed over on her side curled up and panting hard. I was exhausted and she said you need to hurry… i dressed and gave her a kiss on the ass and left and admired seeing what i had done as she layed there on the bed totally fucked. That was a great flight home with a smile.



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