Latina Cougar Sex

Hi there, I’m Kismet, and have been asked to share a little bit about the cougar dating lifestyle. I am a natural tits latina,First of all, I am not a professional writer. I actually haven’t written a paper since college. I am however, your everyday, average cougar.

I am 51,and a professional, LATINA BIG TIT COUGAR, never been married/no kids by choice. In my Cougar Tales, I won’t use any real names (we have to protect the innocent), but a lot of nicknames, which we women really do. Fans of Sex and the City will remember “Mr Big”…yes we actually do that.Okay, so now to the good stuff. I have been dating younger for a very long time, even before the term cougar came about.Why younger? Because younger men are so much fun, better looking and more fit than men my age. Older guys are boring and full of baggage…I have nothing in common with a grandpa.The fact that I’ve never been married means I can’t be accused of dating a cub ‘old enough to be my son’. I have dated as young as 18, but most of the cubs I have been dating lately, have been 20 something. Like the other night when I went out with a 24 yr old Irish lad I met online we smoked tons of L.A. Marijuana Kush .I’ll refer to him as “Mr Tall”; he’s 6’3, I’m only 5’2. When I met “Mr Tall” my first thought was “phew he looks better in person.”It was an amazing first date and I am his first cougar, which made it even more special. It was one of the best first dates I’ve had in a very long time. We met at a famous latina cougar webcam site called  .we talked about holidays, college, our dating experiences online and offline – the chat was easy and fun AND FREE.

So, he walked me to my car and we kissed, yes a long passionate kiss with tongues. He easily passed the kissing test (a lost art). Older men seem to get lazy about their kissing and I just end up wiping my mouth off. Yuk.Younger men really know how to kiss, and there’s no thought about the 26-year age difference when you’re getting intimate. I have this thing about a good kisser, if he’s not a good kisser, he’s not going to be good at any thing else.Maybe it was the alcohol, or the attraction we had for one another, but it was one of those kisses where we both wanted more…so we took it to the next level. Yes, the back seat of my car and yes I must have let him lick my tight latina pussy and big tanned natural tits. He ate my deep latin pussy so well tha He came when I did just from my clit being so yummy and spicy. I also deep throated his young dick in my soft latina lips.Being a latina cougar is so much fun, just look at jennifer lopez, she is sexy and fucks everyday I bet. Now this is why younger men are more fun than old coots. So, there was some exploring with the hands and alot of  latina cougar mature girl sex . It’s hard being a good girl sometimes when you are a NATURAL TITS WET PUSSY LATINA GIRL WITH A NICE ASS..When I saw it was 3am, it occurred to me again what fun young cubs are. He had to work the next day, but was okay about the time. You have to appreciate a young guys energy and attentiveness. Damn, I love being a cougar and a HOT BIG TITS LATINA COUGAR



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